Friday, August 26, 2005

Why do I think I have anything worth teaching my son?

Andrew with his Dad on the right and Dan Beaver, lifelong friend of Andrew's Dad on the left. (I think that is Martin Fowler sneaking up on Andrew from behind. Nope, he has too much hair on the top of his head to be Martin.)

Andrew, I don't think I am any smarter or wiser than the next guy. I don't have anything to share with you that I have figured out on my own or earned based on my own merit. What I do have is the extremely good fortune to have had some really great teachers in my life. So all I want to do is pass down to you those things that they have taught me.

My first great teacher has been your Grandpa Looy. Even before I was your age I was watching him work hard and I saw in him the joy of working when he was doing what he loved and when he was working with people that he liked and respected. As you and I continue with our conversations you will see that I have followed his example in choosing to work with people that I love and respect. Your Grandpa Looy has also been a great dad to me and my love for you comes from knowing how to love a son through his example of loving me.

My second great teacher has been your Uncle Mark, probably the smartest and funniest guy I know. As a big brother, he taught me though his example to set and meet the highest standards of integrity. But it his passion for the most important things in his life, his family and his ministry, that I find to be the most remarkable and inspiring. I am fortunate to have a big brother that, like our father, loves what he does and loves the people around him.

As we continue with our conversations I will share with you my experiences with some of the most wonderful people who have taught me so much. I look forward to reminiscing as I gather my thoughts to share them with you.


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